Message After Operation Chicago The Gov Has Down.

25 十月
Operation Chicago caturday, October 22nd, 2011, 7pm US central.
1. We are proud to see bold h@x on larger and stronger targets. 
   We have quite the opportunity in the occupations, to 
   demonstrate a power never before possible.In Chicago lays a 
   great test of our abilities. To dismantle and otherwise 
   utilize the interwebz of a technical police state.

2. Dear old Rahm Emanuel ordered the arrest of everyone 
   occupying grant park after 11:30. He knew what was 
   happening that night October 15th. The people expressed 
   to him their discontent, resulting natural DOS. When 
   contacted by a volunteer generally accepted by occupy chi, 
   the mayors aid claimed no one knew who we were. 
   Negotiations were extended by the mayor. It was decided 
   Rahm is the enemy. He is the 1% looking down upon us from 
   his tower and shouting get this filth out of my square. 
   We do not negotiate with terrorists.

3. The police treat the occupiers with dignity and respect 
   to the best of their official capacity with 
   little acception. One Mr.Easterday being a "bad egg" as 
   some might say. Our abusive allies in blue 
   are more of an asset than a liability. They should not be 
   hacked. We will however utilize them to demonstrate the 
   power of the people. The cameras "souran's eye"

4. Alderman of the second ward, Bob Fioreti invited Occ Chi 
   over for a little chat. When he witnessed our legion he 
   was reluctant to come out. When he eventually did make 
   his cameo it served only to say the government of Chicago 
   believes free speech and assembly end at 11:30. He 
   proceeded to flounder, pass the buck, claim no authority, 
   and back-flip into his office. The media darling.

5. Our government has failed us. In accordance with Operation 
   USA, Occupy the planet, and the day of justice, We the 
   notoriously handsome masked vigilantes of the world propose 
   a test of our l337. Can we hack it with the city? Will we be 
   taken into the night? This night will the city be ours?

Justice does not sleep. 
We are legion. 
We do not forget, 
we do not forgive. 
Expect us.


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