Message of World Wide Occupy – USA

20 十月

Anonymous has support the #OP Wall Streets and we not the news from USA Anonymous.

The following message are coming from them. We need your support. Join Us. Save yourself.

Monday – October 17, 2011

From the beginning, Anonymous worked with AdBusters and other organizations to initiate the Occupy Wall Street action, which has now grown into a national movement – Occupy Together. We have watched in complete astonishment as this idea has spread to over 1000 cities and towns across the USA.

We have also watched with indignation as hundreds of protesters across the country have been brutalized and arrested. It’s clear that despite their rhetoric to the contrary, the US Government has learned NOTHING from the revolutions that have rocked our world this year. The President of the USA is ultimately responsible to protect the citizens of this nation from ALL enemies both foreign and DOMESTIC. This includes vicious police departments. We call on President Obama to live up to this responsibility and demand publicly that the rights of the protesters in the USA be fully respected and that they be left entirely alone to legally assemble.

This Saturday – October 22nd, Anonymous in cooperation with occupations from Santa Cruz to Boston – will officially launch “Operation USA". We will inaugurate this new Cyber Op with “Day Of Justice" marches and demonstrations to be held nationwide (See Attached Flyer). We encourage every occupation in the country to begin making plans now for marches and demonstrations in your community. Rise up, and make a stand for justice. Spread the poster everywhere and by all means.

Occupy Together and Anonymous Operation USA are the beginning of the end for the greedy tyrants and human rights abusers who run our country. The empire is collapsing. Welcome to the second American Revolution. Expect Us.


We are legion,

We do not Forget,

we do not Forgive,

Except Us.


3 回應 to “Message of World Wide Occupy – USA”

  1. heartofkafka 十月 20, 2011 於 1:13 下午 #

    I think its…"Expect Us".

    Regardless, add oil!

  2. David Yau 十月 20, 2011 於 10:12 下午 #

    re: heartofkafka

    I think so too. It should be “Expect Us" .


  3. 佔領中環﹣香港 Occupy Central﹣Hong Kong 十月 21, 2011 於 3:21 下午 #

    well have anon here?
    The world wild are call us plz got to central and ask Tommy


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